Shape Kassandra into what you believe in. Propose, vote and contribute where its needed.
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    It’s our community, make your voice heard Kassandra, a vibrant and dynamic community, is yours to shape and mold according to your beliefs and values. Embrace this opportunity to propose, vote, and actively contribute to the growth of the community. By participating in meaningful ways, you can help Kassandra flourish into a place that resonates with your ideals.
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    Create, maintain and get paid Our community operates on three key tenets to ensure a healthy, functioning DAO. We prioritize creation, urging members to build the future by creating innovative dETFs, aiding the Foundation in curated fund creation, and proposing ideas to our governance. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of maintenance, encouraging involvement in events, marketing initiatives, design, code, and other areas of demand. Lastly, we offer rewards to our community members, providing them with KACY tokens from governance participation and occasional bounties as a way to acknowledge and appreciate their contributions.
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    Use voting power to take matters into your hands Our governance structure empowers community members to gather their friends and exercise their voting power, enabling them to take matters into their own hands. Dissatisfied with something? Take action to change it. Direct the allocation of funds by the Kassandra Foundation, determining priorities for development and innovation. Have a say in modifying curated funds. In our community, nothing is set in stone, as the final decision-making authority rests with the collective voice of the community.
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    DAO's Flowing Revenue The DAO's flowing revenue is generated through a 3% fee imposed when investment tokens are redeemed. This fee serves to support the DAO's innovation and development fund, ensuring a sustainable source of funding for ongoing initiatives.
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    KACY’s LockVote Feature

    KACY's LockVote feature offers various staking options to participate in voting on proposals. By choosing to lock your tokens for a specific duration, you can increase your voting power. Here are the available lock pools. Check our Staking section to learn more.
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    Tokenomics Our tokenomics model revolves around a total supply of 10,000,000 KACY tokens, which are exclusively obtainable through staking, locking, and farming activities. This approach ensures a sustainable approach to inflation while maintaining high rewards for our early contributors. By limiting the availability of tokens to these specific actions, we can foster a balanced and rewarding ecosystem for our community. Check $KACYsection to learn more.