Earn rewards and voting power by staking $KACY

  1. Stake $KACY and earn rewards At Kassandra, you can choose on 3 different stake pools for staking $KACY with each one giving you different rewards.

  2. Multiply your voting powers Each stake pool gives you a voting multiplier per $KACY you stake. You can get your multiplier up to 3X to ultimately improve your voting powers.

  3. Up to 25% APR You can choose on multiple options of Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that suits your investment needs- starting at 6% APR and up to 25% APR. Each one is attached to different voting power multipliers and withdraw delay.

  4. Check your withdrawl delays If you want to withdrawl your $KACY from our stake pools, pay close attention to the withdrawl delays. Depending on the stake pool of your choosing, it can take up to 45 days for the withdrawl to be completed.

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