Our features

Kassandra is a truly decentralized application with features designed for your security and convenience.

Set new pool allocations with one single transaction

With Kassandra, you change allocation percentages instead of making transactions. You don’t need to worry about new investments, withdrawals, or price changes. The portfolios created in our platform are tightly bound to target allocation percentages, and the protocol constantly rebalances the asset holdings to meet those targets.
Add and remove assets from a whitelist
Managers have the ability to reallocate the pool's composition, add new assets from a whitelist, or remove assets from the portfolio.
ERC-20 tokens that represent a strategy
Every strategy generates an ERC-20 token to represent itself - which can be easily integrated wherever you need it.
Chose how much you want to charge fees
Managers can charge fees from investors for their strategy. It's up to the manager to set how much it wants to charge.
Key benefits:
Noncustodial: No one except the investor can withdraw their own money.
Permissionless: Investors are always in control of their funds and they can pull them out anytime, without asking for permission.
CertiK Audit: Our protocol was thoroughly audited by CertiK, following the highest standards for safety.