🖱️Creating a managed pool

Here's a step by step on how to create your own managed pool on Kassandra

Step 1: Access Kassandra.finance

Step 2: Click on Launch App

  • Look for the "Launch App" button on the homepage and click on it. This will take you to the application interface.

Step 3: Click on Manage

  • Click on "Manage" and it will take you to a exclusive dashboard for creating and managing your pools.

Step 4: Connect Your Wallet

  • To proceed with creating your pool, you need to connect your wallet to the Kassandra Finance app. Look for the "Connect Wallet" and click on it.

Step 5: Creating new pool

  • You can now click on "Create New Pool" to start adding your pool info.

Step 6: Choose the network

  • Here you need to choose the network desired to create your pool. You can also see the five main steps you need to complete to create your pool.

Step 7: Set Details

  • In this section, you'll fill your pool details like name, symbol, description, image, and privacy settings. After you're done, click on "Next"

Step 8: Select Assets

  • Here is where you'll choose the assets you want to be part of your strategy. You can choose as many as you would like and change the allocation of each one as you desire. Click on "Done" when you're satisfied with your choice.

Step 9: Add Liquidity

  • Now it's time to add liquidity to your pool. You can choose to add liquidity through the assets that you selected for your pool or using any other asset that you might have. In the second case, thanks to ParaSwap technology, your chosen amount and asset will be automatically distributed among the allocations of your choosing.

Step 10: Configure Fee

  • In this section you can set your deposit and management fees. After setting them, you can see a fee breakdown before hitting "Next" to confirm your choosing. Remember that you can't change these fees after publishing the pool to the network.

Step 11: Review

  • Now you just need to review all of your pool settings before publishing it to the network. You can check your pool name, profile picture, assets, TVL, and more. You can also see the price you'll need to pay to cover the smart contract creation costs. These costs are from the network of your choosing and not related to feed from Kassandra. We do not charge fees for pool creations.

Step 12: Start pool creation

  • Now, for the last step, you just need to start the pool creation. This step involves one or more approvals from your chosen wallet, depending on the options you choose during the creation of your pool.

  • That's it! You now have created your own tokeniked managed pool and is now a Kassandra's Manager!

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